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Cornish tutors: If you would like to become a member, please contact us with a brief biography, contact details (optional) and class details. If your name is unlinked (below), please also send us some details for your page.

Roger Bailey Tim Hambly Gareth Parry Roger Tackley
Vanessa Beeman Peter Harvey Pat Parry Rhisiart Tal-e-bot
Tony Burt Rael Harvey Mick Paynter Pat Tremain
Elizabeth Carne Pol Hodge Steve Penhaligon Mike Tresidder
Sarah Cooke Jerry Jefferies´╗┐
Maureen Pierce Julia Wass
Pam Davey Esther Johns Daniel Prohaska Ruth Webb
Jan Edmondson Kath Jones John Prowse Mark Trevethan
Stephen Gainey Janice Lobb Polin Prys Esm├ę Tackley
Shelagh Garrard Sally Mollard Jaqi Heard Dee Harris
Steve Harris Andrew Johnson Mawgan Stinchcombe John Gillingham
Peter Trevorah