Peter Trevorah

I was made a bard by examination of the Gorsedh Kernow (Mab an Gwylvos) in 2000. In the early 2000's, I taught  Cornish via the council of Adult Education (as it then was) and under the aegis of the Cornish Association of Victoria (Australia). Since then, I have coordinated Yethow an Werin on a more or less monthly basis for our local language group. More recently, I retired from my legal practice and upgraded my teaching qualifications so that I now teach (mainly) French and Maths in local secondary schools on a part-time basis - and have just completed a Breton language course at the University of West Brittany. With the support and encouragement of a couple of local bards, I am considering the establishment of a trial Cornish language course in the Victorian goldfields area (where the Cornish descendants remain concentrated).
For this purpose, it would be useful to draw on the current learning and resources used by teachers who have been more active in recent times.

Oll an gwella
Peter Trevorah

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