Mark Trevethan

Cornish for Beginners – Truro class
If you would like to learn a few basic phrases so that you can say you know some Cornish, or if you want to work towards Grade 1 exams, this is a class for complete beginners.  The emphasis is on speaking and having fun – come and try the first lesson for free.

The class will be at 6.00-7.00pm on Tuesdays at Lys Kernow, Treyew Road, Truro – come to the main reception.  The first class is on 27 September 2016 – but contact the teacher if you want to join later in the term or for further details.

Cost: First class free - £15 for term of 12 lessons.

The course teacher will be Mark Trevethan.  Mark taught Cornish at the City Lit College in London and is now the Cornish Language Lead for Cornwall Council.