Jerry Jefferies

Y studhis vy Yeth Kernewek y'n klass dhe Essa y'n nawves degblydhen, ow dalleth yn kynsa gradh gans dyskador Gary Angov hag ow pesya y'n pella gradhow gans Wella Brown.

My a dhallathas dyski an Yeth wosa sewena y'n apposyans peswara gradh hag ow pos berdhys yn 2001. Dhe'n termyn na, y tallethis vy ow kweres dyski dhe'n klass dhe Essa esa restrys gans Wella Brown kynth en vy trigys dhe Sen Ostel . Yn 2003 an klass dhe Gollji Sen Ostel a hedhis ha peswar  studhores a-dhiworth an klass na a bysis orthiv dh'aga dyski yn Sen Ostel.

Ytho, my a dhallathas ow hynsa klass ow honan dhe Nansbyghan. An klass na a vrashas yn skon hag ynter 2003 ha 2011, y  heworris vy peswar klas moy yn Bosvenegh, Ponswad, Reskammel ha Porth Bud. Ynwedh, yth esa govynnow a-dhiworth tus yn-mes a Gernow rag dyskansow ha my a dhallathas dyski warlinen ynwedh.

Ow studhoryon re sewenas yn apposyansow dhe bub nivel ha lies anedha a yll kewsel yn Kernewek yn freth lemmyn. Nebes anedha re sewenas yn apposyans peswara gradh an Gesva hag yma onan anedha re dheuth ha bos dyskadores an Yeth.

I learned the Cornish Language in the Saltash class in the 90s, starting in the first-grade with Gary Angove and continuing through the further grades with Wella Brown.

I started to teach Cornish myself after passing the fourth-grade exam and being made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh  in 2001. At that point I started as a teaching-assistant in the Saltash class organised by Wella Brown while living in St. Austell. In 2003, the class at St. Austell  College closed and four of the students from that class asked me to teach them in the area.

So, I started my first class of my own in Nanpean. That class grew quickly and between 2003 and 2011 I added a further four classes in Bodmin, Wadebridge, Camelford and Bude. I also received requests for tuition for people living outside of Cornwall and started teaching online.

I've taught learners who have passed all four levels of the Kesva's exams and many of them can now speak Cornish fluently. Several have passed the Kesva's fourth-grade exam and one of those has gone on to teach Cornish herself. 

Contact Jerry at or phone him on 01726 878352/07929 859604. He holds classes in Bodmin on Mondays 19.00 - 21.00 and Bude on Fridays 19.30 - 21.30 and also runs an on-line course. Cost: variable. Jerry teaches Common Cornish (Kemmyn).