Jaqi Heard

Jaqi a dhallathas dyski Kernewek y’n degblydhen mil naw kans deg ha tri ugens gans Jowann Bolitho kyns hi dhe asa Kernow rag triga yn Loundres hag a-wosa tramor.  Dres hy resevga  y fynnas hi dehwehles ha diskudha moy yn kever hy gonisogeth hy honan.   Worti’wedh y teuth an chons pan dhasomgevis  hi yn Kernow.  Y’n vyldhen 2008 hi ha Heather Bolitho warbarth a wrug omrolya Alan Murphy avel dyskador Kernewek rag dyski bagas seytek dallether yn Eglosvarwenn yn kyrghynn Porthbud.

Y’n vlydhen 2015 sewen o hi y’n apposyans Kesva peswara gradh skoedhys gans Jerry Jefferies hag an dhyskadoryon oll y’n klass Lanstefan hembrenkys gans Tim Hambly.  Y’n dydhyow hedhyw y tysk Kernewek gans Jerry  ha rag an  Gresenn  adhyskans tevisigyon ynwedh yn Porthbud.

Jaqi began learning Cornish in the nineteen seventies with John Bolitho before moving from Cornwall to live and work in London and subsequently overseas.   Throughout her career, she always intended to return to learning more about her own culture.    This opportunity finally arose when finding herself back in Cornwall again, and together with Heather Bolitho, they were able to enlist Alan Murphy to teach a group of seventeen beginners in Marhamchurch near Bude in 2008. 

n 2015,  Jaqi passed her Grade IV Kesva exam  with the support of Jerry and the full complement of teachers at Tim Hambly’s  Launceston class.   She is currently teaching Cornish alongside Jerry as well as teaching at the adult education centre at Bude.

You can contact Jaqi on 07999 561572 .

The class is taught at Bude.     Jaqi teaches Common Cornish (Kemmyn)       

Thursdays for five weeks (6.30 - 8.30).

Fridays every two weeks (7.30 - 9.30).       

Level: Mainly beginners.

Cost - variable. Please contact for details.